Hello Friends and Customers. Please take a moment to read this very important update. Thanks!

In December 2010, JHS Pedals moved into the Kansas City MO area and shortly after, the JHS Music store was opened. Our focus has always been to provide a personal touch and high level of expertise for the smaller and more boutique side of things. We've seen great success with having great pieces of gear and an atmosphere that was more like a living room than a shopping mall. In doing so, we hopefully have added a little flare to the downtown Grandview area and helped the local Kansas City residents experience a taste of a true Mom & Pop retail experience that is almost extinct in this day and age.

As of June 22nd we will be closing and reassessing the focus and purpose of the JHS Music retail location for an undetermined amount of time. With the growth and expansion of JHS Pedals, which now reaches 100 Dealers worldwide, it is time to step back to refocus and reevaluate our own retail efforts as well as our manufacturing. We are putting all of our focus and energy into improving, expanding, and making JHS Pedals products and user experience stronger in every way.

During this time we will not be open to the public except for appointments and special guests that may be in town. It is undetermined if or when the 711 Main Street location will reopen to the public. At some point in 2012, we are planning on launching an online storefront specializing in vintage and high-end guitar gear only along with a possible re location of the public storefront.

We want to thank you for your patronage and relationship in the past and we look forward to what may unfold for JHS Pedals and JHS Music in the months and years ahead.

~ Josh Scott

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We Will Keep Info Posted To Our Facebook about the Restructure And Rework Of JHS Music

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